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Faithfully By Your Side - Muslim Pro Helps Keeping In Touch With Your Belief Via Mobile Apps Or The Web

Press release   •   Apr 30, 2013 20:45 +08

Singapore, 24 April 2013 – In today's fast-changing world in which many people lead a more hectic lifestyle, it would be very handy for smartphone users to have an application that allows them to stay committed to their belief despite their busy work schedule. Muslim Pro is a comprehensive Islamic mobile application providing accurate prayer times based on the user’s location, worldwide Qibla directions, an integration with popular location based application Foursquare to find Halal restaurants or Mosques and a convenient way to read and learn the Quran. It is available for iOS and Android as well as on the web ( for prayer times and Qibla directions.

To date, the Muslim Pro mobile app has been downloaded over 5 million times, especially from Muslim countries with high and growing smartphone penetration such as Saudi Arabia, the United Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and Morocco as well as countries with large Muslim communities such as France, the United Kingdom, the United States or Singapore.

"’Mashallah’ the best practical app I have on my iPhone and certainly the one I use the most. The Qibla direction is accurate and there is the opportunity to modify prayer times to local times. I don't know how I survived without this app!” commented one user from the United Kingdom.

In addition, Muslim Pro has proved useful to Muslims who are constantly on the go. "This app has most of all that one requires in one neat app. It’s been a perfect traveling companion through many different time zones from China to South East Asia to the UK. From solat times to Qibla finder it even has a Qur'an with downloadable audio files. The traveler will find the list of local masjids and halal restaurants handy in a strange city. It simply does the job,” commented another user from Malaysia.

In the past, Muslim Pro has been used most during the month of Ramadan. It is therefore not surprising to expect a peak in its usage again this coming July.

To cater to non-Android and iOS users, the Singapore-based mobile developer, Bitsmedia recently also launched a web version of the app available at The website is user-friendly and leverages modern browser technologies and Google's cloud computing and CDN services in order to load faster than conventional offerings on various screen format (desktop, tablet, mobile).

“We are extremely excited about the very positive feedback we are getting from Muslims around the world. That is our motivation to make Muslim Pro even better!” said Erwan Mace, CEO of Bitsmedia, the compay that developed Muslim Pro.

Bitsmedia has some plans in store for later this year and early next year as it is considering building Muslim Pro apps for more platforms to cater for feature phones, launching partnerships with telcos and OEM manufacturers as well as building its own database of mosques and halal eateries instead of relying on the Foursquare API. Said Mace: "It's an exciting year ahead. Being in the technology business means constant innovations and producing products that are useful and relevant to our Muslim friends," said Mace. "We hope that our products and services will be the sources of inspiration for more Muslims to embrace technology for their beliefs. With the newly launched website our free information service is now available to even more Muslims around the world."

About Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro is an Islamic mobile application with accurate prayer time, azan clock, full audio Quran, Halal restaurants & Mosques guide, Qibla locator, Islamic Hijri calendar, etc. It is available on the Apple App Store (iPhone and iPad) and the Google Play Store (Android). A web version of the application is also available at

Founded by French entrepreneur Erwan Macé in Singapore, Bitsmedia specialises in the development of mobile applications for iPhones and Android devices.

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