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Erwan MACE

Founder & CEO


  • prbeeshms@ysbigztskxmewfdizta.rkcoaimpu

Passionate geek/technologist, full stack web, mobile and backend developer, senior executive and entrepreneur, Erwan has spent the last 20 years holding senior technology positions at multinational corporations such as Alcatel, Akamai, Vivendi and Google as well as for internet success story startups such as Spray (acquired by Lycos in 2000) and Soundbuzz (acquired by Motorola in 2008).

Erwan currently runs Bitsmedia, a Singapore based mobile application development company he started in 2009 and to which he returned full time after leaving Google in June 2012. Bitsmedia develops and publishes Muslim Pro, the world leading Muslim mobile application (45+ million downloads, 10+ million MAU and 2+ million DAU as of July 2017).

Erwan also seats on the boards of Magma Studio (Singapore), Followcorp (Europe), Krak (US).

Erwan is trilingual in French, English and Malay-Indonesian and holds a MS in Information Systems Engineering and a MS. in Management Sciences.